Realizing vehicle optimization and sustainable future mobility with advances in lightweighting, mass reduction and technology innovation

16 March 2021


2021 Speaker Panel

Jose Luis Galaviz of FCA speaking at The Future Light Automotive North America

Jose Luis Galaviz

Structural Engineering Technical Lead


Robert Wille of Ford Motor Company speaking at The Future Light Automotive North America

Robert Wille

Technical Expert Vehicle Architecture, Mass Methods and Tools

Ford Motor Company

Mario J. Felice of Ford Motor Company speaking at The Future Light Automotive North America

Mario J. Felice

Retired - Global CAE Manager Powertrain NVH, Calibrations & Controls

Ford Motor Company

Jacob Lyjak of General Motors speaking at The Future Light Automotive North America

Jacob Lyjak

Global Market & Technology Analysis Manager

General Motors

Nick Kamar of Henkel speaking at The Future Light Automotive North America

Nick Kamar

Ph.D., Associate Scientist


Stephan Loecherbach of Nimak North America Inc speaking at The Future Light Automotive North America

Stephan Loecherbach

Process Engineer

Nimak North America Inc

Andrzej Nycz of Oak Ridge National Laboratory speaking at The Future Light Automotive North America

Andrzej Nycz

R&D Staff, Manufacturing Demonstration Facility (MDF), Wire-Arc Metal Additive Manufacturing Technical Lead

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Brian Smith of Precitec Inc speaking at The Future Light Automotive North America

Brian Smith

Sales Service Engineer

Precitec Inc

Robert A. Walus of Rivian speaking at The Future Light Automotive North America

Robert A. Walus

Director of Manufacturing Engineering


What does the Future Light Automotive Summit cover?

A revolution is clearly occurring right now within the automotive sector. OEM’s are being driven to produce increasingly efficient, low and zero emission vehicles as sustainable options for future mobility.

Lightweighting, mass reduction and technology innovations are the key elements manufacturers must focus their efforts on to optimize their vehicles. Ultimately a lack of agility and failure to proactively adapt approaches to remain competitive, could result in reduced revenue and the risk of being left behind in a rapidly evolving automotive landscape

Automotive manufacturers have already begun taking advantage of new materials, advanced manufacturing techniques and alternative propulsion systems as a way of developing the next generation of new and improved vehicles.

Whilst the benefits are clear, with technology and innovation progressing at such a rapid rate, defining, implementing and advancing successful strategies and processes to achieve organizational goals is a significant challenge for OEM’s.

Benefits of Our Virtual Experience:

  • Free access to ALL sessions and exhibitors
  • Interactive virtual roundtable discussion groups where you can have your questions answered
  • On-demand access to all recordings after the event
  • Flexibility to select the sessions that are important to you
  • No travel costs and time spent away from the office

What is unique about our event?

Every organization, team and employee will face their own unique daily challenges. Whilst many common challenges exist; business objectives may vary, each company will vary in size, availability of budget will differ and so will available resources, which means that a “one size fits all” method may not be effective.

Understanding this, the format is designed to drive value through the power of discussion, leaning on lightweighting and mass reduction experts to structure conversations on specialist topics and lead them according to the objectives of the participants. This allows discussion to flow more seamlessly and create an opportunity to work through current problems by using the collective experience, not just from the facilitator, but all participants who have varying backgrounds and skills sets

What will the Future Light Automotive Virtual Summit 2021 focus on?

Forecast future trends and learn about the latest innovations which will align your strategy and objectives with future possibilities

Define, develop and execute the roadmap for automotive lightweighting, mass reduction and technology innovation for the successful planning, implementation and integration of new technology, processes and techniques

Build and convey the business case to key stakeholders securing investment for lightweighting, mass reduction and vehicle optimization projects

Optimize your vehicles by leveraging new materials, advanced technology and pioneering techniques to develop next generation vehicles

Implement a best practice methodology for identifying, validating, testing and selecting materials, joining techniques, advanced manufacturing processes and progressive solutions which will reduce overheads and improve manufacturabilty

Remain agile to advancements in innovation and next generation vehicles including, HEV’s, BEV’s and FEV’s, keeping pace with a rapidly evolving automotive sector

Mass Reduction and Cost Optimization Strategies:
Keeping the balance and managing the bottom line.

Innovation in lightweight Production Engineering and Manufacturing:
Harnessing Advancements in Technology and Processes.

Computer Aided Engineering & Design:
Modelling, Visualization, Simulation and Testing.

Materials Innovation and Availability for Vehicle Mass Reduction:
Exploring the Options Available for Mass Optimization.

Managing Weight Reduction:
Balancing Cost Efficiency, Safety Standards and Customer Expectation.

Vehicle Electrification and Alternate Technology:
Changing the Automotive Landscape for a Sustainable Future.

Who is the Future Light Automotive Summit North America 2021 designed for?

Directors, Chiefs, Heads, Managers, Seniors, Leads, Engineers and Specialists from Automotive OEM’s and Automotive Suppliers Including:

  • Lightweighting
  • Lightweight Design
  • Mass Planning
  • Mass Reduction
  • Vehicle Optimization
  • Materials and Manufacturing Processes
  • Weight Reduction
  • Mass, Energy and Aerodynamics
  • Complete Vehicle Engineering
  • Advanced Vehicle Technologies
  • Group Engineering
  • Engineering – Body Engineering
  • Vehicle Architecture Engineering
  • Body Structures
  • Lightweight Construction and Vehicle Weight
  • Technical Development
  • Technology Development – Composites
  • Polymers and Fluids
  • Materials Concepts
  • Co2 Technology Innovations
  • Material Development
  • Recycling



“The format was atypical and unexpected. It was a collection of group discussions rather than a presentation followed by a Q&A. However I appreciated this format as I got to learn a lot more from the basics right to more complex issues. It meant I could grasp the fundamentals about areas I didn’t know about. The event featured very hospitable staff/ crew with very respectful colleagues and facilitators.”

Sumit Basu, Lead Innovation Engineer, General Motors

“There was a lot of good conversation and I met a lot of very good people in the industry”

Christopher Ameel, OEM National Sales Director, Reflexallen US

Glenn Daehn, Professor, Ohio State University

“Very knowledgable group of people that you brought together. Really outstanding. The format worked with the group.

One of the most thought-provoking and interactive conferences that I have participated in”
"The summit was a great opportunity to share ideas, listen to other peers from the Industry, we all are working towards solutions for lightweighting of structures."

Jose Luis Galaviz, Technical Lead Frames, FCA US LLC

“Excellent summit! The format was unique and very engaging and provided the opportunity to openly discuss the challenges facing the automotive industry with OEM engineers, academia and supplier partners. Will definitely be back next year.”

Jerry Kleinhenz, Director of Business Development, EDAG

“I enjoyed the summit, the topics & the networking were all very good”

Adelina Castillo Chacon, General Motors

“For me this was a great format to present and interact with professionals across the automotive range. Good mix of OEM and Tier Suppliers. Very interesting topics of discussion and good information exchange and feedback. Interesting to learn the differences of large high volume OEM’s vs low volume niche and new energy vehicles”

Ian Thompson, Chief Engineer, Grove Automotive LCC

“Great experience! So many different points of view and different approaches to solve common problems”

Antonio Mercado, Manager AME, Karma Automotive

“The discussion format created an open dialogue that enabled the sharing and generation of innovative ideas. The summit was an amazing opportunity to discuss lightweighting solutions with multidisciplinary experts”

Andrew Cunningham, Additive Manufacturing Application Engineer, General Motors

“Awesome event”

Muhammad Majeed, Lead Manufacturing Engineer Rivian Automotive

“Interesting discussion format filled with knowledgeable people”

Richard Doggart, CI Manager, General Motors

“I enjoyed the format which had a good balance between discussion and networking sessions”

James Truskin, Technical Fellow, FCA

“Good opportunity to get away from the day-to-day challenges and hear about and discuss the future of mobility”

Attendee 2019

“A different event but I thought it was good”

Lane Lindstrom, MFG Engineer, General Motors

“Good networking event”

Laurent B Chappuis, President, Light Metal Consultants LLC

“A diverse mix of experts in various fields joined the discussions”

Alan Seid, Senior Engineer, Honda R&D Americas

“Open discussions and great networking, an exciting new format, very interactive with a high knowledge base”

Sebastian Moser, Director of Sales, Precitec

“Good interaction between OEM’s Suppliers etc.”

Venkat Aitharaju, Staff researcher, General Motors

“I really enjoyed the day filled with good technical content which made business sense as well. The conference / summit brought together leaders in the industry and everyone was quite open in sharing their knowledge. I look forward to the next one where we can exchange developments in this rapidly evolving industry over the next few months”

Anupam Vivek, Research Scientist, Ohio State University

“The only summit I have ever attended with this level of discussion and collaboration”.

Attendee 2019, Ford Motor Company

“Great networking”

Marc Auger, Sales Development, Coherent

“The summit introduced a successful but different approach to sessions”

Kartik Shah, Account Relationship Manager, Hinduja Tech

“Very open discussions were had with open minded individuals. The event ensured good discussions without any restrictions and allowed us to get to know different perspectives of customers, competitors, etc."

Torben Lauman, Sales Manager, Nimak

"It was good to hear what other companies are doing to overcome the issues of light-weighting"

Project Senior Manager, Toyota UK

"The Concept of roundtable discussions was good and worked well"

Lead Engineer - Technology & Innovation Tooling & Pressed Parts Group, Jaguar Land Rover

"It was good and not what I expected, it was better. The future potential of this event is huge"

Lead Engineer, Tata Technologies

"Enjoyable platform unlike some events I have attended. Good amount of time to network and gain some interesting views and options from suppliers. I was really impressed with the format and option to choose different discussions."

Weight Attribute Lead Engineer, Aston Martin Lagonda

"It was great to see representation from so many Original Equipment Manufacturers"

Nissan, Research Project Consultant

"The opportunity to discuss items in each differing topic within each roundtable made for a really informative event"

Senior Engineer, Nissan

"Good topics, well covered at the event. It was also a great opportunity to network"

Structural Crash and CAE Consultant, Jaguar Land Rover

"The event had a great number of OEM's attending"

Managing Director, Polar Manufacturing

"Interesting to discuss lightweighting opportunities with other key representatives in the automotive industry, with valuable time to network"

Engineer - Material Quality Assurance, Jaguar Land Rover

“I enjoyed the openness of all the attendees, in general the event was very positive”.

Johann Ecker, Vice President, Nimak

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