2020 Agenda

The Future Light Automation and Mass Reduction Summit North America will unite over 100 mass reduction and lightweighting specialists from leading automotive Manufacturers, OEMs, service companies and technology providers to:

  • Forecast future trends and learn about the latest innovations which will align your strategy and objectives with future possibilities
  • Optimize your vehicles by leveraging new materials, advanced technology and pioneering techniques to develop next generation vehicles
  • Define, develop and execute the roadmap for automotive lightweighting, mass reduction and technology innovation for the successful planning, implementation and integration of new technology, processes and techniques
  • Implement a best practice methodology for identifying, validating, testing and selecting materials, joining techniques, advanced manufacturing processes and progressive solutions which will reduce overheads and improve manufacturabilty
  • Build and convey the business case to key stakeholders securing investment for lightweighting, mass reduction and vehicle optimization projects
  • Remain agile to advancements in innovation and next generation vehicles including, HEV’s, BEV’s and FEV’s, keeping pace with a rapidly evolving automotive sector
  • Lead business and culture change by implementing a collaborative and people centric approach to lightweighting and future sustainable mobility advancements

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