Robert Wille

Technical Expert Vehicle Architecture, Mass Methods and Tools

Ford Motor Company


Robert Wille has been an Engineering Professional for more than 30 years. His work for Boeing, General Motors, and Ford has involved developing the world’s most advanced jet fighters as well as industry leading car and truck platforms with emerging technologies. In Addition, Wille has spent more than 20 years focusing on developing Principals of Mass Engineering and Vehicle Lightweighting.
Wille has pioneered the application of Aerospace Industry mass-critical optimization methods and techniques to the challenge of developing more efficient ground transportation. Working at both GM and Ford in various Mass Engineering roles, Wille has successfully demonstrated these lightweighting methodologies which resulted in the 2016 Malibu (the most Mass Efficient midsize sedan in the world). He has further developed accurate industry-leading parametric mass models which permit the prediction of vehicle mass within about 15-kg. These advanced tools permit the establishment of a ‘Normalized Vehicle Industry Efficiency Benchmark’ to determine and evaluate the Mass Efficiency of any vehicle, and the optimization of vehicle mass down to the subsystem and component level.
Lessons in Vehicle Weight Optimization confirmed on the A-12, YF-23, and Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) are equally effective in lightweighting cars and trucks. Wille has developed a comprehensive strategy for delivering cost-efficient lightweighting of vehicles by permitting the pro-active analysis and control of the primary mass drivers of a vehicle’s design. This strategy identifies the critical elements contributing to efficient design such as Vehicle Bandwidth, Loads Optimization, Scar Mass Mitigation, Modular Bandwidth Strategy, Payload Optimization, and Fundamentals of Design Efficiency.

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